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Back in her days of glory...
Detroit City was called Paris of the West because of her stunning architecture, the symphony, art galleries and more. Henry Ford’s auto industry, along with the city of Detroit and her people, helped win World War II...but where there was once magic and promise, tragedy and devastation fell upon the beautiful city...

Six Months in Paris

Down on his luck and contemplating suicide, Micah Bloomfield finds rest for his weary soul in the most unlikely of places—Downtown Detroit. Through a tender friendship he thought faded decades ago, he learns to love the city, and more importantly, his Creator.

Sophie Young isn’t looking for romance anymore, not at her age. But when she meets up with her old high school classmate, her heart is aflame and she finds herself head over heels.

Mystery, sweet silver-hair romance, old racism, and redemption fill the pages of this pre-pandemic, modern day adventure in the Paris of the West.

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Windsor CA.jpg

View of Windsor, Canada, from the Detroit River Front.


Penobscot Building, Downtown Detroit, 1927. This view is taken on Fort at Cass, looking east.

Photo from the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library.

Photo retrieved from


Townhouse Restaurant

Located at the Ally Detroit Center

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